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Leah Fay from July Talk singing "The Boys Of Summer" - Don Henley at Baby Huey's with Karaoke Rich

Karaoke Sundays on College "Give Me One Reason"by Tracy Chapman at Tobys's with Jason Rolland

Karaoke in Toronto Tuesday "At Last" by Etta James at Baby Huey's with Karaoke Rich

Karaoke Wednesday's Rianna "Umbrella" at the Firkin King Street with Jam Productions

The Cars "Just What I Needed" at Hurricanes Roadhouse Wednesday with Shawn Meunier

Karaoke in Toronto Thursday at Savoy "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse

Karaoke Tuesdays - "Zero" by Yeah Yeah Yeah's at Neutral Lounge

Karaoke In Toronto Friday's - "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot at Departure Lounge

Karaoke Toronto Thursday - "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey at Double Deuce Saloon

"Do You Wanna Touch Me" by Joan Jett at Neutral Lounge

Karaoke Toronto Thursday - Cranberries "Zombie" at Dog's Bollocks

Karaoke Toronto Wednesday - "If I Were a Boy" Beyonce at Hurricanes

Karaoke Toronto Thursday - "Here I Go Again" at Double Deuce Saloon

Karaoke Toronto Friday - "Bohemain Rapsody" by Queen at Dog's Bollocks

Karaoke Toronto Thursday - Dan Fogelberg "Leader of the band" at Grind House Burger Bar

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